Swanton Scouts
Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Swanton, OH
Gratefully sponsored since 1926 by thepost

at 200 South Hallett Avenue, Swanton

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Our Schedule

May 10th ~ Happy Mother's Dayl

May 12th ~ Troop Meeting @ the Legion Hall

May 14th ~ District Recognition Dinner
    6:00pm @ Providence Lutheran Church

May 16th ~ Putting out Flag's for Veterans @ our Cemetaries
    Meet @ the Legion @ 9:50am

May 19th ~ Troop Meeting @ Mr Dicken's Home

May 21st ~ Pack Meeting @ the Legion Hall

May 25th ~ Memorial Day Parade
    meet @ 10:15 @ Crestwood School

May 26th ~ Troop Meeting @ the Legion Hall

June 2nd ~ 7:00pm Troop Court of Honor
    @ the Legion Hall


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